DCO’s Office

Duties and Responsibilities

(a). General Coordination within the District level.
(b). Local Holidays at District level.
(c). Preparation of Civil List of employees of District Government and Official Gazette of the District.
(d). Service Associations in respect of District Employees.
(e). Rights and interests in respect of employees of District Government.
(f). Appointment of Commissions of Inquiry or panel of officers in cases of misconduct of Government servants in   respect of District Government Employees.
(g). Monitoring the implementation of Government policies within the District.
(h). Identity Cards for Civil Officers of the District Government.
(i). Expeditious finalization of delayed pension and G.P.Fund cases for employees whose liability falls on the District Government.
(j). Employees welfare schemes at District level

 Address: District Courts near Katchehry Chowk, Rawalpindi/

Fax No.   051-9270809

Phone No.    051-9270810-11

E-mail Address:    dco@rawalpindi.gov.pk

District Officer Human Resource Management (DO-HRM) :


(a). Service Rules (other than Civil Service Rules) relating to various services and posts and interpretation thereof at District level except those falling under the purview of Provincial or Federal Government.
(b). Organization and Methods including-
1. Improvement of general efficiency and economic execution of Government business of the District Government;
 2. Advice regarding proper utilization of stationery and printing resources of the Government with the District Government;
3. Training in Organization and Method;
4. Suggestions scheme;
 5. Preparation of Manuals;
6. Career pattern of District Government employees;
7. Simplification of forms and procedures within the District;
8. Departmental examination in respect of District Government employees;
9. In-service/pre-service training of ministerial employees of District Government.
(c). Absorption of surplus staff and allied matters in accordance with P.C.S. Act 1974 and P.C.S. (Appointment & Conditions of Service) Rules, 1974 within the district for the posts which do not fall under the purview of Federal or Provincial Government.

Address: DCO’s, Rawalpindi

Fax No. Nil

Phone No.    051-9270686

Senior Administrative Officer (SAO) : Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Khan

Address: DCO’s Complex, Rawalpindi

District Offcer (DO)-Civil Defence:

(a). Recruitment/Promotions/Postings/ Transfers of officials BS-1 to 11.
(b). Initiation of Disciplinary proceedings under E&D Rules from BS-1 to 15.
(c). Provision of funds, its utilization and approval of development schemes.
(d). Overall supervision of district offices and implementation of rules and policies.
(e). Internal Audit of District Civil Defense Offices.
(f). To monitor the training programmed and the implementation of civil defense schemes in the district.

Address: Civil Defence Office, Near DCO Office., Rawalpindi

Fax No. Nil

Phone No.    051-9270697-98

Address: Civil Defence Office, Near DCO Office., Rawalpindi