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It gives great pleasure to welcome you in district Rawalpindi on the official website of the City District Government Rawalpindi. This Online resource embodies the information not only about policies, objectives, functions, human resources, financial resources, projects and the services delivered by the district government but also general introduction about the brief District history, geography, people, fauna & flora etc. It opens up a window for the citizens through which they can have access to certain information. The website enables us to enhance our internal efficiency and effectiveness as well as public service delivery and improves the ability to monitor the performance of the government functionaries. It allows to have information to make faster decisions and effective planning. It further provides an opportunity to download the required information without any inconvenience of visiting government offices saving valuable time and money.

City District Government Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi locally known as ‘Pindi’ is a District of Pakistan in the North of province Punjab comprising area of 5,286 km2 (2,041 sq mi).The City-District of Rawalpindi comprises seven autonomous tehsils. It is Headquarters of Pakistan’s Armed forces and is home for many industries and factories. City District Government Rawalpindi is situated on the Ketchery Road, in the heart of Rawalpindi Cantonment.

It has been established on August 14, 2001 under the proposal of NRB (National Reconstruction Bureau). The Purpose of this proposal was the access of people to Government Bodies on District level and decentralization of Commissioner System due to its monopolistic approach. In City District the Town Municipal Corporation is responsible for those functions assigned to the Tehsil Municipal Administration in the common District.

City District Government intends to provide empowerment to politics by improving governance and decentralization of Administrative Authority. Different departments have been established for working under one platform.

The City District Government strives to provide a supportive framework for women solves the problems of urban and rural areas by providing equal facilities and opportunities and ensures various deliveries of services in various sectors at grass root level. City District Government is unique in the fact that it works on pre described funds by managing proper cost and transparent utilization of funds and makes apparent decisions through consensus and participation.

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